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Expansion Joint Systems


Extreme weather changes can do a lot of damage to building structures in a variety of ways, especially sidewalks, bridges and piping systems, among others, which is why expansion joint systems have become an integral aspect to construction. Expansion joints are used to absorb the expansion or contraction caused by the heat and cold as well as movement that could arise from extreme weather conditions, heavy public use or even earthquakes.

More often than not, the weakest point in waterproofing systems is the treatment of expansion joints. In below grade walls, for example, the temperature is close to constant and so movement is more easily handled with the waterproofing system. Exposed decks in a private residence, however, go through extreme temperature changes that can range from 140 degrees to 0 in a single season and, sometimes, violent swings from about 50 degrees during a day to well below freezing in just a few hours. Very few expansion joint systems are designed to accommodate the kind of movement that results from such drastic changes in temperature.

At Richmond Primoid, however, we specialize in the most durable of products of the highest quality to help protect structures from weather and temperature damage as well as extreme movements. Over the course of our years of operation, we have also installed tough, durable expansion joints specifically engineered for the kind of abuse parking garages, bridges and stadiums experience year after year.

As everyone around the world knows, the one thing that is impossible to predict is the weather. It is for this reason that planning ahead when it comes to protecting at risk and exposed structures is fundamental. Whether you are a homeowner worried about your outside deck, or a business owner with a public parking garage to maintain, proper expansion joint systems are most definitely a must. It is truly amazing what a difference an expansion joint can make.