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Crack Repair


Richmond Primoid is able to effectively tackle any crack repair job, whether wide or hairline in size, keeping any concrete flooring in tiptop shape. Using the highest quality of materials and top of the line products, we have the know-how and experience to match the crack with the appropriate and most effective repair substance. We only deal with the best on the market so that all repairs conducted by Richmond Primoid are not only conducted with superior workmanship, but are also durable. Long lasting, proficient repairs translate into savings for your business, and in a competitive market, that is essential.

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Richmond Primoid has been visible in Virginia for more than seventy years. Our work is seen in the restored Shockoe Slip and tobacco warehouses, stadiums at U. Va., Virginia Tech and Old Dominion Univ., Virginia Beach hotels and condominiums, MCV, Valley Health Hospitals and much, much more.