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Drainage Systems


To any building or structure, foundation drainage systems are an absolute necessity, as you need to prevent water from collecting at the footing level. At Richmond Primoid, we know how to expertly install a drainage system at the footing to meet the specialized conditions of your residential or commercial property.

The importance of a properly installed foundation drainage system is undeniable – excess water from rain and snow collects underground and, as a result, can seriously jeopardize the structural integrity of your home or business building. If a drainage system is not implemented in a foundation, it could lead to a series of problems that are more costly to fix after the fact, including flooded basements and cracks to the foundation. Such hazardous damage, however, can be easily avoided with perimeter drainage that efficiently keeps water away from the foundation, which is not only the safer option, it also the more cost effective than having to undergo expensive extensive repairs.

Depending on the structure at hand, sometimes conditions require drainage outside the foundation as well as inside below the floor level to produce proper dampproofing. Richmond Primoid has the expertise to make sure that your basement or foundation is able to withstand the elements by installing top grade foundation drains that are able to control moisture problems in the soil surrounding your property. Whatever the case, Richmond Primoid is able to handle all your foundation drainage needs, with the capacity and know-how to provide the very best in foundation drainage systems.